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8 Fun Tips About Car Insurance

To get cheap car insurance you should have a basic understanding of the information

detailed in the article below.

Your Credit Score Matters

Many companies use your credit score as a rating factor to determine the price you receive. If your credit score is below 650 most companies consider you a higher risk and your rates will typically be higher than most. Luckily there are several reliable credit repair services out there, that can help remove negative information and help raise your credit score by building up your personal credit.

Don’t be Mrs. Johnson

Don’t let the fluff of advertising fool you. Most insurance companies discounts are automatically built in to the car you buy, your driving record, your credit score and how long you have been continuously insured. There does exist a few additional discounts such as if you are a teacher, home owner or taken an approved driving course. Other than that all these other made up discounts are fluff. Don’t let the word discount fool you, please.

Mrs. Johnson didn’t want to switch companies because with her company she received 10+ discounts, that other companies NEVER asked her about. However other companies averaged a total savings of about $400 a year. Don’t be Mrs. Johnson, understand a discount is only a discount if its saving you money. Otherwise its just advertising fluff used to lock you to a BRAND.

Lapses in Insurance

One of the biggest reasons your rates are the way they are, is the length of time you have been continuously insured. Doesn’t really matter what company you are insured with despite what they tell you. All that matters is there is no gaps in your car insurance history. Unfortunately, I wasn’t driving or didn’t have a car, is not going to help you get a low price auto quote.

If you have a gap it will cost you a lot of money. I have seen consistently policies go up 25 to 55% due to being uninsured for a small period of time. Do not let your insurance lapse where its at the point where it is actually canceled. Always find a new insurance company before canceling the old one.

Don’t Believe The Local Agent Has Any Impact on Your Claim

Although he does represent his insurance company with express authority, he is not the claims department and has ZERO to due with how your claim is handled. The insurance adjuster is the one who works on your claim and its their job to make sure you get indemnified back to your previous condition.

Make Sure you Have Uninsured Motorist Protection

Some companies or agents want to leave this off your policy, do not let them. This covers you if you get hit by another driver and they either don’t have car insurance or don’t have enough to cover your total claim on the medical side.

Ask For an Umbrella Rider !

Did you know you can usually add an Umbrella Rider to your auto and home policy for around $10 per month and its a blanket policy that provides an extra million dollars of protection in case any of your policies pay out in full or reach a threshold on payments.

That’s right a nice safe security blanket for your home, your assets and your car. Your probably asking why your current insurance agent has not mentioned this to you, since you have your auto and home with him…I can’t answer that but I am guessing you do not have cheap car insurance and you should compare car insurance soon.

Big Names Does not Always Equal Savings or Quality

Just because a company is a “Brand Name” does not mean they will be the best price in your zip code or even state. Some companies prices change drastically by the zip code let alone state you reside in. Just because they are a “Brand Name” you recognize doesn’t mean they take care of their customers correctly or that you will be satisfied with the service of their auto quote or car insurance brokers.

Know the Truth

Insurance is a billion upon billion dollar industry, its not about providing great service, its about maximizing profits and staying competitive to maintain their price point and profits. Your agent and your insurance company are not your friend, its a business relationship.

Don’t look at your agent and feel like you can’t switch your insurance because you’ve been with him for 10 years. If your saving $400 a year, you should wonder why you and him never looked at your policy or re ran your rates to see if you qualified for cheap car insurance.

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