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Our Free Service Alerts You When Prices Drop!

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People have been kept in the dark far too long on how insurance rates work and why rates vary from company to company.

We provide a free service with a simple sign up to get notified when rates drop in your geographic area. You receive updates monthly via email that you may opt out of at anytime. We could drone on about the 50 or more reasons rates change but we think its easier to just send you an email and let you know if the rates change in your area.

When Rates Change and you don’t act You could be losing hundreds of dollars

  • Simple Sign up 100% Free Service
  • Get notified Monthly of Rate Changes
  • Geographically Targeted updates help you save real money

Did you know?

We provide a free service called Driving Record Repair. Where any consumer that has tickets or accidents on their driving record that they feel are inaccurate, can dispute that information.

*Please review our terms and conditions for this service. We offer no guarantees about rates and your potential to save money.

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Repair Your Driving Record?

Repair Your Driving Record?

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