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We offer plenty of options to fit your business insurance needs.

  • Commercial Auto
  • Professional Liability (E&O)
  • General Liability & Commercial Property
  • Employee Benefits & Group Insurance

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commercial auto insurance

Did you know?

We provide a free service called Driving Record Repair. Where any consumer that has tickets or accidents on their driving record that they feel are inaccurate , can dispute that information.


Auto Loans and Cash Loan Options

Auto loans refer to any loan used for buying a vehicle. In this case, a car serves as collateral for loan security. If one is in search of a new car, there is a high probability that he or she is also in search of a car loan. Now that you have found that perfect car you have been searching for. Its time to get the loan from the bank to close the deal and bring the car home.

Knowing the Loan Details

There are two parts of each payment made for the loan. The first part is the principle segment while the second portion is the interest. The money or balance an individual owes is the principal while the fee paid to the bank is the interest.

There are three key interesting facts regarding auto financing. One of the key facts is that the rate of interests for the loan is dynamic. This means that it may change from time to time or from one location to the other. It is thus not surprising to find a local bank giving a loan at a rate of interest that is much higher than that in a dealer’s financial department. 4

What is my Interest Rate

The dynamic nature of the interest rates clearly shows the importance of shopping around for auto financing choices prior to making the final decision. Spending adequate time to make comparisons among local banks and multiple dealers would definitely go a long way in ensuring that a buyer makes a sound decision or choice.

Bad Credit Loans Are Available

Another key fact is that even an individual who has bad credit can get a loan. While majority of the lenders would give priority to prime purchasers with good credit, numerous options are also available for purchasers with bad credit. Sub prime lending is a term often used to refer to these options accessible to buyers with bad credit. More often than not, the rates of interest for sub prime loans are initially high. This should not discourage purchasers. In fact, such options can serve as a gateway for rebuilding credit. For this to be the case, keeping current with loan payment is imperative. Increasing a credit score gives a buyer an advantage of renegotiating the terms of the loan later on.

Cash Loans are Options Too

Cash loans provide a temporary solution till your next payday comes. Sometimes unexpected events occur or an emergency happens and you can not wait to act. many companies offer same day service on these types of loans and the money is available by the end of the day. Most companies will automatically send the funds directly to your bank account. Cash loans can be a huge relief when life throws you a curve ball and you need to act now.

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