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Driving Record Repair is Free & Easy to Use!

Your driving record is a big part of how insurance company rates are determined. Put simply, the more tickets, accidents and claims you have on your record, the more you can expect to pay.

Insurance companies make millions off consumers who don’t know where to go to get this inaccurate information removed. Many times the agent your talking to has no idea or will not tell you how file a dispute to get resolution.

We are sick and tired of insurance companies games and have started this service to help the U.S consumer fight back. Best of all we made it 100% free with no money or credit cards involved.

Once your dispute is filed, resolution can take as little as 24 hours or more than 30 days. But who cares how long it takes, its free and its going to save you time and money. Don’t let the insurance companies over charge you, stop being a doormat, fight back today.

Why use Driving Record Repair?  We make it easier than ever to fix information

  • Your information is safe and secure
  • Remove inaccurate information permanently
  • Qualify for cheaper insurance premiums

*Please review our terms and conditions for this service. We offer no guarantees about resolution and your ability to qualify for cheaper insurance.

Knowing Your DMV Records Saves You Money and Time

Knowing your personal DMV records will save you time and money. This knowledge can also save you from a lot of hassle further down the road. While it’s easy to shop for car insurance online, if you provide incorrect information on the applications you fill out, the quotes you receive back will not be accurate. Moreover, you will end up wasting a lot of time and you won’t be able to find the best rate for a person with your specific driving record.

Know Your Driving Record History

For example, most online applications will ask you how many tickets you’ve had in the last three years. If you answer none when the true answer is two tickets, this can drastically throw off the quote you get. Some people honestly don’t know how many tickets they’ve gotten or they may forget how much time has passed since their last ticket. Suppose you declare you’ve gotten zero speeding tickets in the last three years because you think the last speeding ticket you got was four years ago but it was really less than three years ago. What will happen? You will get inaccurate car insurance quotes and you may miss out on a really good deal from company that may be more lenient. It is always best to actually check your record before shopping for car insurance.

Talk to an Agent to Verify

Once you actually move beyond the stage of shopping for quotes and start to actually sign up for a car insurance policy, the agent handling the application will check your driving record in their database. If tickets show up that you did not disclose, you will not get the insurance policy at the rate that was quoted to you. You will have wasted a lot of time and if you go ahead and pay more for the same policy, you may may miss out on an opportunity to shop for an insurance company that would have offered you a better rate even with your imperfect driving record. It always helps to know exactly what’s on your record when you start shopping for car insurance. In addition, it is imperative that you disclose this information accurately on the online applications to get the best rates possible and to save time.

Dealing With a Broker

Also, if you are dealing with an online car insurance broker who represents several different insurance companies, the broker will be able to find you the best deal only if they know what your true driving record is like. If you tell them you have no tickets when in fact you have two tickets, they may steer you to an insurance company that has the best rate for a driver with no tickets but actually charges more than other companies for a driver who has two tickets.

Check for Mistakes

Keep in mind too that mistakes do occur sometimes on your driving record. Unless you know about these mistakes, you can’t get them corrected. Mistakes on your driving record may not only affect your car insurance rates but can also affect you getting a job or a business contract. Many people don’t realize that background checks often include a check on your driving record. Rates for other insurance such as life insurance and health insurance can also be affected by points on your driving record. For all of these reasons, it is very important that you periodically check your driving record for potential mistakes.

Conclusion about DMV Records

DMV records are easy to check. You can get a copy of yours by going to your local DMV and paying a small fee. You can also order this information online. Taking this one important proactive step can save you time, money, and hassle.

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